Advanced RV Developed Two Bespoke Motorhomes: Leela and Wu Gui

    December 22nd 2020     Suhail Ajmal

If you love RVs, you are going to love the two bespoke motorhomes we are going to share with you today. Built by Advanced RV on request, these are named Leela and Wu Gui. The camper vans are developed on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and both are 100% tailor-made according to the needs and requirements of its buyers. For both, the company has extended the wheelbase. Leela is owned by Claudia who loves nature and this is the reason you will find most of the cabin in green and brown. The owner actually has sold her condo to get this tailored motorhome for full-time living. Alternatively, Wu Gui's cabin oozes lightness and free spirit. It appears more classy and oriental. In short, everything displays the character of the owner. Advanced RV’s craftsmen are adept at making everything according to their customer’s demands. The options are virtually limitless when it comes to developing your own motorhome. Watch the video if you like to take a tour of both Leela and Wu Gui. Source and Images: Motor1